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Plan To Build A Website For Business? Check Out These Tips!

Using email for business and having a website is only the start on the long road of establishing your online business. It is certainly not enough to have a professional email account, an average looking website and a good domain name that can easily be branded. You should understand that creating an online business is as hard as establishing your business offline. For a successful online business you should create a great foundation that will be your website. To help you out, we have created the list of tips including the most important aspects you should pay attention when you’re planning to build a website for business.vw_love-wallpaper-3840x2160

Tips To Build A Website For Business

#1. Make Your Website Responsive

It is incredible how fast technology and user’s habits are changing. Few years ago the “responsive web design” was almost an unknown term in the online development world, buy today this is a must need for every website. Creating a responsive web site means, that your site will use latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, which will make it responsive: its layout will change, depending on the screen resolution of the device it is accessed from. While the content will remain the same, the website will render differently to a desktop and a smart phone user. In April 2015, Google added the responsive feature into their search algorithm, so websites that has a mobile friendly layout, will most likely gain some benefits in the search results over those websites which are not responsive. In the US around 60% of adults own a smart phone, and around 50% own a tablet. This means, that missing the responsive feature, your site will be listed below your competition and if mobile users will find your website difficulty to navigate from a smart phone or a table they will leave and you will be loosing clients. Here are several tips to make a responsive web design.

#2. Make Your Site User Friendly

It is not enough to have a well optimized site for search engines. Users are the most important, because they are your potential customers. When designing your website, think with the eyes of a user, who is searching for a product or service. Users are inpatient, so if they can’t find what they are looking for within 2-10 they will leave. Make sure that your site easy to navigate, the text is readable on every device, and your website loads fast and smoothly. Pop-ups can be very frustrating, so do not use this feature, only if necessary. Make your contact info or the buy now button as visible as possible to have a higher conversion, but still keep them within the color scheme of your design.

#3. Make Your Website Social Friendly

Social media can also be very useful to bring you more customers. It is not good idea to rely on one traffic source, for instance on organic search traffic. Build a strong online community around your site and keep a friendly communication with your followers. Add social sharing buttons to your site, making it easy for the users to share and distribute your content. Aggressive self-promotion on the social platforms can cause users to un-follow you; time-to-time post funny as well informative content to your accounts, keeping a friendly attitude. Social management is a hard task, and you have to pay attention to complains. If a customer complains in the public, try to solve the situation privately and do not let your other customers to find out about a certain problem you may have.

#4. Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

Making your site responsive is part of the optimization process; however search engine optimization is a more complex task, which will help your website get more organic traffic from search engines. Google is getting smarter, so the old tricks when spamming keywords all over your site helped in rankings, will not work anymore. In fact, these days high quality, relevant and informative content is what can bring you to the top. Certainly the H1, H2 tags are still important as well keyword research. By adding relevant images with alt tags and videos to your pages can give you extra benefits.

#5. Test Your Website

After a website is up and running, it can always have minor problems. Ask your friends, employees, family members to test your website. Maybe someone can point out a problem or can give you ideas on how to improve the layout and the navigation of the website. Always find new ways to improve your website and create a better user experience using the latest web design trends and technologies.

#6. Choose The Right Host For Your Website

The look of your website and the quality of the content plays an important role on the way to a successful online business, but keep in mind that web hosting also plays a big role. You can have a perfectly optimized website, with an interesting design and thousands of followers, if the hosting fails, your business fails. If you are looking for a reliable business hosting provider, we recommend you to HostForLIFE.eu, they provide unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth also unlimited disk space for your website’s needs. With 99.9% uptime, they promise that your website will run smoothly in their server. Or if you want to check more about the hosting industry, just check out our web hosting review page.