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Recommended Hosting with Full Trust Setting

Trust level refers to permissions set in the Web.config file that dictate what operations can and cannot be performed by Web applications. Some hosting providers use the default Medium trust level with the addition of OleDbPermission, OdbcPermission, and a less-restrictive WebPermission. One of the example of hosting providers that support Medium trust level only is GoDaddy

Applications operating under a Medium trust level have no registry access, no access to the Windows event log, and cannot use ReflectionPermission (but can use Reflection). Such applications can communicate only with a defined range of network addresses and file system access is limited to the application’s virtual directory hierarchy.

Using a Medium trust level prevents applications from accessing shared system resources and eliminates the potential for application interference. Adding OleDbPermission and OdbcPermission allows applications to use those data providers to access databases. WebPermission is modified to allow outbound http and https traffic.

What are the differences in between these trust level?

In a very brief details, the difference between trust level is provided on the followings:

– Full trust – your code can do anything that the account running it can do.
– High trust – same as above except your code cannot call into unmanaged code. i.e. Win32 APIs, COM interop.
– Medium trust – same as above except your code cannot see any part of the file system except its application directory.
– Low trust – same as above except your code cannot make any out-of-process calls. i.e. calls to a database, network, etc.
– Minimal trust – code is restricted from anything but the most trival processing (calculating algorithms).

What if my current hosting providers do not support Full Trust?

In this case, you have no alternative but to shift your website from their server. You may need to look for a web hosting provider that supports Full Trust mode. One of the most recommended ASP.NET Hosting providers that supports Full Trust is ASPHostPortal.com