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Tips to Make Your Web Content Work for You

Today I wold like give you tips to make your web content Work for You From websites to blogs to social media, your content speaks for you. Without the advantage of in-person interaction and out-loud conversations, it can be hard to for businesses to communicate online.  Here are a few simple tips to keep your content fresh and working for your business:


1 . Get to the point

No one has time to wade through wordy pages just to find an answer to their question. Put vital information front and center where it’s easy to find, and design your content so that it’s easily “skim-able.”

  • Write descriptive headers
  • Put important topics in bold
  • Use bullet points

Providing a hierarchy of information is the perfect way to get to the point while also offering more information for those that want it. Let your readers decide how much detail they want to delve into.

2. Sound like a human

Verbose language and stiff wording will turn off your readers in no time (and you only have a few seconds to get their attention in the first place). Not to mention, Google now looks more favorably on well-written, unique content than keyword-stuffed paragraphs. It’s important to sound like a real person wrote your content, not a robot – especially on social media!

  • Contractions are your friends (It’s instead of It is, There’s instead of There is)
  • Keep your sentences short
  • Use simple language (Save the $5 dollar words for Scrabble!)

When your content is too formal sounding, it makes your business seem less approachable. Simple, conversational wording sounds like a human wrote it, which in turn makes your company seem more human.

3. Provide next steps

Don’t leave your readers hanging! Show them where to go next. What’s the point of filling up a website or writing a Facebook post if customers don’t know what to do from there?

  • Provide a clear Call to Action
  • Make contact information obvious
  • Offer links to learn more

Make it easy for customers to get in touch, learn more, or stay connected with your business.

From desktop websites to Twitter posts and everything in between, web content is your customers’ online connection to your business. No matter the medium, make the most of it with clear, simple wording that illustrates who you are, and convinces a casual reader to make the leap to becoming a customer.