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Hosting Tips: Some Things To Consider Before Picking The Right Domain Name

Your domain name is an extension of your business and your image. You should think about registering a domain name before you actually do it. Many people come up with a catchy name, or feel the need to lock in their name, and rush out to buy a domain name. But there are several things before picking the right domain name. These tips will help you to pick just the right domain name for you and/or your business.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Domain Name

Picking The Right Domain Name

 #1. Makes A Statement to Attract Users

The extension you select makes a statement to user about where you are and who you are aiming to attract. For example, .co.uk tells people you are operating out of the United Kingdom, and .ca tells them you are operating out of Canada. If that is important to you, then register accordingly. If you would rather give them impression of being a global company, or based in the US, then pick a .com name.

#2. Use Keywords In Your Domain

These will sometimes help search engines in ranking your website. For example, if your business name is “ASP.NET Hosting Review” you might consider two domain names: one for your business name, and one for keywords. In this case you might select “reviewhostingasp.net” as your domain name to represent to the search engines and searchers what you are about.

#3. Avoid Trademarks From Other Companies

Companies have been known to sue website owners for copyright and trademark infringement, so be very careful if you try to play off an existing business. Make sure that you register a domain name in good faith, and think about the possibilities and connections that might exist between you and another business.

#4. Avoid Hypens

Sometimes you must use hyphens because the straightforward name is gone. In that case, a better idea is to come up with a completely different name. The problem with hyphens is that users may end up visiting the wrong site. If you try to register “https://fulltrusthostingasp.net/but it is already taken, you might choose to register review-hosting-asp.net instead. But you run the risk of someone trying to find you typing in the first address. This means you lose business. Better to try and register a name like https://fulltrusthostingasp.net/ instead.

#5. Create Several Different Domain Extensions

Consider buying several different extensions so no one else can infringe on your success by registering a similar name. For example, if you register reviewhostingasp.net, you might also take .org (with the same name), since these are the most popular extensions after .com or .net.

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