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Best Silverlight 5 Hosting with Latest Microsoft Technology

Best Silverlight 5 Hosting – When it comes to creating rich internet applications, Microsoft Silverlight is the dominant player in the market. Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in from Microsoft for delivering media and rich interactive applications for the Web. Silverlight is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and can be integrated with existing Web infrastructure and applications, including Apache and PHP, JavaScript and XHTML on the client. Using Silverlight, designers are able to prepare media for encoding and distribution, and create W3C standards-compliant sites. Silverlight 5 is the latest version of Microsoft’s browser plug-in comes with significant improvements with respect to Controls, Text, Dialog, Performance and data-binding. Since an increasing number of ASP.NET hosting solutions integrate with Silverlight 5, selecting a suitable one is an important thing that you have to do first. In this review, we have selected three best Silverlight 5 hosting providers for you to look more.

Best Silverlight 5 Hosting

Why You Should Use Silverlight 5?

Microsoft has introduced more than 40 new features including support for running Silverlight applications with desktop features within browser, text enhancements; a GPU accelerated 3-D API and more. Also, Silverlight 5 is available for Windows with browser support for IE 7 or higher, Firefox 3.6 or higher and Chrome 12 or higher and it is also available for Mac OS X with the browser support for Firefox 3.6 or higher and Safari 4 or higher. Silverlight 5 comes with the following feature list:

  • New Controls
  • Text Control Changes
  • Databinding Improvements
  • Performance Improvements
  • XAML Changes
  • User Interface Changes
  • Graphics Changes (All new 3-D Graphics support)
  • Media Changes
  • Adaptive Streaming and On-Demand Media through IIS Smooth Streaming
  • High Resolution Images and Frame Rates via Deep Zoom

Best Silverlight 5 Hosting Spotlight

Screenshot 2015-06-04 10.56.17

Price: €3.00/month
Windows Server 2012
Unlimited Domain
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
SQL Server 2012/2014
Excellent Costumer Support


HostForLIFE.eu – Best Silverlight 5 Hosting

HostForLIFE.eu is the best Silverlight 5 hosting company, supports the latest cutting-edge Microsoft technology. The service of this company starts from €3.00/month regularly. If there is something making people feel unsafe, a 30-day money back guarantee can help remove their worries. Though the price is incredible low, there is no discount in the quality of services.

  • Windows 2012 R2
  • MSSQL 2012/2014 and MySQL, ASP.NET 4.6/4.5.1/3.5/2.0, Visual Studio 2013
  • Unlimited Domain, Disk Space & Bandwidth, Isolated Application Pool
  • IIS Remote Management, MVC/Silverlight, PHP 5 and WordPress
  • European Data Center
  • 24/7 Tech Support via Ticket, Email and Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base Article and Tutorial

WindowsASPNETHosting.in – Best Silverlight 5 Hosting

Screenshot 2015-09-23 14.06.33

Price: INR 200/month
Unlimited Domain
Huge Bandwidth & Diskspace
India Datacenter
Windows 2008/Windows 2012
30-Days Money Back
Excellent Costumer Support


WindowsASPNETHosting.in has been recognized as one of the best Silverlight 5 hosting providers in India. There are three ASP.NET hosting plans named as Developer, Business and Expert, starting from INR 200/mo, INR 400/mo and INR 660/mo separately.

What’s more, customers can choose one-month, 3-month, 1-year or 3-years service at their wills. For people who are unsatisfied with the services, WindowsASPNETHosting.in offers a 30 day money back guarantee allowing the clients to cancel their accounts within the first 30 days and get a full refund. When it comes to the payment, two payment methods are available including CC and PayPal to ensure every client reaches the services in a convenient way. WindowsASPNETHosting.in promises to offer 24×7 award-winning technical support, via several communication channels, including email and contact form.

ASPHostPortal.com – Best Silverlight 5 Hosting

Screenshot 2015-06-04 11.00.06

Price: $5.00/month
Unlimited Domain
Huge Bandwidth & Diskspace
Dedicated Application Pool
SQL Server 2008/2012/2014
Worldclass Server
99.99% Uptime Guarantee


ASPHostPortal.com, specializing in offering best Silverlight 5 hosting services, releases three plans for the clients – Host One, Host Two and Host Three regularly starting at $5.00/mo, $9.00/mo and $14.00/mo separately. And also, the 30-day money back guarantee is offered to the clients who wish to cancel their accounts and get a refund.

ASPHostPortal.com supports Windows 2012/2008, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5SP1/4.0/4.5.1/4.6 as well as IIS8/ IIS7. It offers various versions of Microsoft SQL Databases, including MS SQL 2014, MS SQL 2012, MS SQL 2008R2 and MS SQL 2008. Each database comes with at least 200MB disk space. Furthermore, the webmasters can install the software by using one-click app installer. Besides, it is worth mentioning that the webmasters can get a full control of their websites through the users-friendly Plesk control panel. By using the top-level data center equipped with DELL Dual Quad Core Servers, ASPHostPortal.com delivers average 99.99% uptime to each hosted website.