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Full Trust & Recommendation Classic ASP Hosting in Europe

In ASP.net major weight is on n-tier architecture in the application development and there is separation of data presentation, business logic and data access layers. In classic ASP these layers are mixed leading to the development of ineffective solutions with huge architecture that are difficult to sustain. The ASP.net offers object oriented approach for the software development where as ASP does not support classes. Only VBScript and Javascript were available for scripting in ASP where as, in ASP.net there are no such restrictions.

The .net compliant languages can be used with ASP.net like C# and VB.net, where both of them are server-sided languages where as in ASP only VBScript and Javascript are available as options to be used. Then the ASP pages are interpreted and the ASP.net Code is compiled .Traditional ASP can run only on- Microsoft platforms but ASP.net can be run on non- Microsoft platforms also. ASP runs under the inetinfo.exe IIS (Internet Information Server) process space and can lead to application crashes due to the start and stop process used by IIS. While ASP.net process is separate from inetinfo.exe and is not related to the IIS process isolation settings. The debugging process is easier in ASP.net.

Full Trust & Recommendation Classic ASP Hosting in Europe

Still using Classic ASP to build your web page? Don’t have any idea where to host it while you have a limited budget? After reviewed dozens of famous Windows hosting companies, we took HostForLIFE.eu as the best cheap Classic ASP hosting in Europe relies on its superior web hosting service. They not only offer best cheap Classic ASP hostingin Europe with unlimited bandwidth & disk space, but also provide the unlimited domain, up to date SQL server, powerful servers, excellent 24×7 customer service, user-friendly control panel and many more. Their hosting environment is still fully supports Classic ASP. Here are the detailed feature information that we have reviewed:


HostForLIFE.eu was founded in 2008 and since then they have grown into one of the largest windows hosting companies in the UK. HostForLIFE.eu is operated from their registered office based in Manchester and data center in Amsterdam and the newest London data center. At HostForLIFE you will find low cost, yet reliable, windows hosting services. Today they host millions of websites across their infrastructure. From entry level Shared Hosting packages all the way up to Private Clusters.

  • FREE Domain or Domain Transfer
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space, Bandwidth and Websites
  • NO DOWNTIME Transfer
  • Get Email ANYWHERE
  • FREE Tools and a Premium Website Builder
  • ULTIMATE Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 US Based Support
PriceFeaturedPerfomanceTechnical Support

HostForLIFE.eu can be awarded as the best cheap Classic ASP hosting in Europe, one of the most important reasons is that the company offers the most powerful web hosting features to customers at an affordable price. All of HostForLIFE.eu best cheap Classic ASP hosting package are available at low price and coming with all the standard web hosting features as well as some advanced technologies. Their best cheap Classic ASP hosting only starts from €3.00/month. In addition, HostForLIFE.eu also gives you 30-days money back guarantee if you weren’t satisfied with their service. Besides unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domain and email accounts, the other important features included in this following table.

Bandwidth Unlimited
Hosting Sites Unlimited
Disk Spaces Unlimited
MSSQL Versions 2008/2012/2014
MSSQL Space 50 – 1000 MB
Latest MySQL Versions YES
MySQL Spaces 100 – 1000 MB
Email Account Unlimited
Email Space 200 MB
Control Panel Plesk Control Panel
Uptime Guarantee 99.99%
Support Classic ASP & ASP.NET YES
Latest PHP Versions YES
Support IIS 7/8/8.5 YES
Trial Available YES

Based on the points we discussed above, it is easy to get the conclusion that HostForLIFE.eu is the best and recommended Classic ASP hosting provider and it deserves the Best European Classic ASP hosting Award because of its rich features, affordable prices, excellent performance and responsive technical support. Therefore, we recommend its services to webmasters who are looking for best and recommended Classic ASP hosting in Europe, especially for those planning to create a personal or small business site.