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Full Trust & Recommendation Classic ASP Hosting in Europe

In major weight is on n-tier architecture in the application development and there is separation of data presentation, business logic and data access layers. In classic ASP these layers are mixed leading to the development of ineffective solutions with huge architecture that are difficult to sustain. The offers object oriented approach for the […]

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Both hosting and EMNET are experienced web hosting companies for ASP.NET 5 / EF Core 1.0 hosting in UK. In this article, we’d like to compare the 2 web hosts based on real customer feedbacks and our in-depth review concerning about price, features, uptime, speed, and technical support. Thus, our readers can have a […]

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Content Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

Content is an integral part of social media marketing (SMM), but it turns out that most of the businesses are still unfamiliar with the term content marketing. Indeed, content marketing heavily involves social media and social media marketers use content to get their messages across. Barring these similarities the two are distinct entities which focus […]

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Microsoft has developed its own operating system for servers as a special version of its Windows operating system, Windows Server 2003. It is a commercial product which requires the operator to purchase a license, which increases the cost of operation for the web host and usually results in higher hosting prices. Windows is designed to […]

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Full Trust,Best & Cheap PrestaShop 1.7 Hosting in UK

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools necessary for building a successful online shop. To create an online store with PrestaShop you need reliable web hosting services. PrestaShop is an Open-source e-commerce solution. This is great news for several reasons. It means that the software is free to […]

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Using Instagram To Launch Your Home Based Business.

We live in an age where social media is allowing us all to engage and share in a way that has never been possible before. We can all instantly see what others are doing, keep our eye on the markets and get ideas on absolutely anything we need or want. It is almost impossible to […]

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Best Free ASP.NET Hosting Comparison in Europe: VS UKWindowsHostASP.NET and UKWindowsHostASP.NET are two well known ASP.NET hosting provider in Europe. Both of them provides free ASP.NET hosting package in their plans with different kind of features and services. Which hosting provider is better for providing free ASP.NET hosting package? Find the answer in this hosting review comparison. takes the #1 top and recommended ASP.NET hosting […]

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Best & Cheap ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting Comparison in UK – UKWindowsHostASP.NET vs VidaHost

There are several web hosting platforms to choose from, but Windows is becoming a popular choice among individuals and organizations alike. In recent months, we find that UKWindowsHostASP.NET and VidaHost are taken into the consideration of many people and both of them are supporting Windows ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting in UK. To choose the best […]

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Full Trust Drupal 8.2.3 Hosting Recommendation

Drupal is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). It was released in 2001 and today is considered to be a leading CMS that is gaining widespread adoption in a variety of industries. Drupal is a free community supported framework for creating, organizing, presenting and managing a website. It powers millions of websites and applications from […]

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Best and Full Trust osCommerce v2.3.3.4 Hosting

osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 is a complete self-hosted online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend which can be easily installed and configured through a web-based installation procedure. osCommerce provide you the tools to set up your very own complete and self-hosted online store website for free to market […]

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