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WordPress Blogging – Placing Ads On Your Blog

2000px-WordPress_logo.svgThere are many different ways to make money blogging. This article discusses the optimal way to use ads on your wordpress blog to generate extra income.

Blog For Profit Using Your WordPress Blog

Advertisements can generate extra revenue for your wordpress blog but you need to know where to put them.

The actual spot where you put your ad is as important to your profits as any other thing you do with your blog. Successful bloggers utilize special placement for their advertisements so as to best get results from the site visitor.

Unique Ad Placement on Your WordPress Blog

Putting your advertisements at the top of the wordpress blog isn’t good enough anymore. People have been using computers long enough to train themselves to ignore the advertisement banners at the top of a website, or blog, and thus you, the publisher must find new, and unique ways to get the advertisements read, and clicked by your visitors.

Click Rates

One place to put the advertisements for your blog is directly to the right hand side of the daily blog post. Research shows that the human eyes tend to gravitate to the upper right hand side of any page, which is where your advertisement should be in order to obtain maximum exposure. The more the ad is put in this spot, the better rate of clicks that you will get on the ad.

Another great place to put the advertisement is in the body of the text. This is commonly done by highlighting, and adding hyperlinks to some of the more popular keywords. By adding such keywords one can simply click on the highlighted word to learn more about a product, or service you might be promoting. In text ads aren’t ever very big so as not to disrupt the text, but can pack a serious punch in terms of sales because of the natural curiosity of the reader to check out whatever it is you are promoting.

Finally one can place advertisements at the bottom of the wordpress blog, with more information about you, the author of the blog. Since wordpress blogs are typically personal, people enjoy reading about the author, and thus it makes sense to include a few ads near your profile, to capitalize on the profile-checking nature of your visitors.