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Top 3 Moodle 3.1.1 Hosting Companies

moodle-3-1-1-blogRecommendation Best Moodle 3.1.1Hosting – Moodle is a very popular open source learning management solution (LMS) for the delivery of eLearning courses and programs. It’s used not only by universities, but also by hundreds of corporations around the world who provide eLearning education for their employees. Moodle features a simple interface, drag-and-drop features, role-based permissions, deep reporting, many language translations, a well-documented API and more. With some of the biggest universities and organizations already using it, Moodle is ready to meet the needs of just about any size organization.

Moodle 3.1.1 Hosting is actually a studying platform made to provide educators, administrators and learners using a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized understanding environments. Moodle 3.1.1 Hosting is developed for educators to make on the online courses using a focus on interaction and collaborative building of content material. The Moodle 3.1.1 Hosting is referred to as a course/e-learning platform which has been employed by roughly 50,000 verified sites. The step by step process of Moodle 3.1  is logical and moves subjects subsequently properly. The entire course is presented in a transparent way that it is simple for learners to know straightly.

Moodle Features

Moodle offers students and instructors a personalized dashboard listing courses and tasks, and collaborative tools including forums, wikis and group calendars. It lets you work with files stored in cloud services like Dropbox, and supports notifications and private messaging between users. It is available for multiple languages, supports open standards like Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) and Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), and works well with screen readers. Finally, it comes with an extensive plugins directory together with support from more than 60 worldwide partners.

How To Choose The best and reliable Moodle 3.1.1Hosting ?

When it comes to choosing the best Moodle 3.1.1 hosting, we’re bound and determined to find out which company is providing the most value. There are some major components that make up a great host in our opinion, and those are Performance, Knowledge, Speed, Reliability of Support, and Pricing and the overall product offering. After reviewed many Moodle hosting provider, we highly recommend ASPHostPortal for your Moodle 3.1.1hosting solution.

Top 3 Reliable Moodle 3.1.1 Hosting Companies

ASPHostPortal, HostForLIFE.eu and DiscountService are proven to be the top 3 reliableMoodle 3.1.1 Hosting companies among plentiful providers in the field. We high recommend customers going with them based on the feedbacks of verified customers and our real hosting experience on 50+ ASP.NET web hosting providers.



  • Windows 2012 R2
  • Easy Plesk Control Panel
  • MSSQL 2012/2014
  • 30 day money back
  • FULL Trusted hosting
  • Dedicated application pool
  • ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.5/5, MVC 2/3/4/5/6, Silverlight 4/5
  • Word class data center
To learn more, visit http://asphostportal.com/


  • Windows 2012R2
  • Unlimited Site
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • MSSQL 2012/2014
  • ASP.NET, MVC, Silverlight, URLRewrite2, WebMatrix
  • Excellent costumer support
To learn more, visit http://hostforlife.eu/


  • Windows 2012 R2
  • MSSQL 2012/2014
  • Unlimited Site
  • 30 day money back
  • FULL trusted hosting
  • Dedicated application pool
  • ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5, MVC 4/5, Silverlight 4/5
  • Australian Server
To learn more, visit http://discountservice.com.au/


HostForLIFE.eu has been recognized as the most specialized company in the Windows hosting industry in Europe. Unlike some other web hosts offering various hosting services, this company puts big efforts to deploy premium ASP.NET packages, including Classic, Budget, Economy and Business for their best and recommended Moodle 3.1.1 hosting.


HostForLIFE.eu guarantees 99.9% uptime for their professional ASP.NET hosting and actually implements the guarantee in practice. HostForLIFE.eu is the service are excellent and the features of the web hosting plan are even greater than many hosting. HostForLIFE.eu offer IT professionals more advanced features and the latest technology. HostForLIFE.eu has supported ASP.NET 5 hosting.  Relibility, Stability and Performance of  servers remains their top priority. Even basic service plans are equipped with standard service level agreements for 99.99% uptime. HostForLIFE.eu revolutionized hosting with Plesk Control Panel, a Web-based interface that provides customers with 24×7 access to their server and site configuration tools. HostForLIFE.eu provides reliable Moodle 3.1.1 hosting with unlimited domain, bandwidth and disk space which starts from €3.00/month.

ASPHostPortal.com will be the Best Company hosting in the industry, who use potent servers to serve their buyers. Their exclusive Speed Zone technology could accelerate the speed of one’s internet site and email fast by locating the information close to your location. They also have one particular of world very best client support team to help you out whenever you meet any hosting issue.They are ideal for Moodle 3.1.1 hosting that are constructed for organizations.

ASPHostPortal’s Moodle 3.1.1 hosting packages are proving really common for 2016. ASPHostPortal.com Moodle 3.1.1 hosting optimized hosting infrastructure attributes independent email, web, database, DNS and handle panel servers and lightning quickly servers guaranteeing your website loads super rapid! They are 100% fully support on windows platform. Their windows hosting is compatible with all the Moodle 3.1.1 hosting management and collaboration application.

Banner-besar-DiscountServiceDiscountService.biz is the best cheap ASP.NET Hosting in Australia. DiscountService.biz was established to cater to an under served market in the hosting industry web hosting for customers who want excellent service. DiscountService.biz guarantees the highest quality product, top security, and unshakeable reliability, carefully chose high-quality servers, networking, and infrastructure equipment to ensure the utmost reliability. DiscountService.biz has ability to support the latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technology, such as: WebMatrix, WebDeploy, Visual Studio 2015, .NET 5/ASP.NET 4.5.2, ASP.NET MVC 6.0/5.2, Silverlight 6 and Visual Studio Lightswitch. DiscountService.biz is devoted to offering the best Windows hosting solution for you. You can enjoy their reliable Moodle 3.1.1hosting starts from $7.00/month.