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FullTrust phpBB Hosting

If you are planning to build a forum for your business or organization, you can’t go wrong with phpBB. phpBB is one of the most popular and widely used open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable. It is the most widely used free discussion board scripts written in PHP. Forums are powered by phpBB that cater to virtually any sized audience from a handful of users per month to thousands per day. phpBB has released its maintenance and security release of the 3.1.x branch, called phpBB Choosing the best and cheap phpBB hosting is not a simple task especially with low price offers. In this post, we will help you to find out who has the best and cheap phpBB hosting.

phpBB is a maintenance and security release of the 3.1.x branch which fixes various smaller bugs including jumping to specific pages in long topics, problems with using Content Delivery Networks for static assets, and notably updates the embedded Twig and PLUpload libraries.


Security and Hardening

  • Update Twig and PLUpload to the newest minor versions.

New Features

  • Automatically remove inner quotes when the nesting is too deep.
  • Add links to the Customisation Database to the Extensions, Styles and Language tab in the ACP.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fix jump to page option.
  • Fix missing fonts when using the CDN option.


Looking For Best and Full Trust phpBB Hosting Provider?

Are you looking for best and cheap phpBB Hosting? While choosing the right phpBB web hosting service, the hosting server must the support for multiple security features like shared ssl, password directories, automatic backups, etc. You must ensure that the best and cheap phpBB hosting can provide 1-click installation service for easy phpBB installation and upgrade. In addition,  24×7  Australian based on-site technical support available via email, live chat & phone are needed.

Due to the resources phpBB uses, there’re only a few web hosting companies can support best and cheap phpBB hosting. For fast, secure and cheap phpBB hosting in Australia, DiscountService.biz web solutions will be one of your best choice.

Why DiscountSevice.biz Is The Best and Cheap phpBB Hosting Provider?

DiscountService.biz offers an affordable shared hosting plan. The company’s approach to hosting is to provide an easy-to-use platform that is affordable, accessible and powerful enough for anyone to use. And they succeed.

The DiscountService.biz hosting platform is compatible with phpBB  You can choose to host your phpBB in Windows or Linux environment. DiscountService.biz optimized hosting infrastructure features like independent email, web, database, DNS and control panel servers and lightning fast servers ensuring your site loads super quick! Their servers optimized for your phpBB installation and 24/7/35 Australian based technical support from phpBB hosting experts are ready to serve you. DiscountService.biz also supports PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5.0+ to make sure that your phpBB hosting runs smoothly in their server. Their best and cheap phpBB  hosting plan in Australia is starting from $3.00/month.


One of the hallmarks of DiscountService.biz is their excellent customer service. This is evident in the number of ways in which you can approach the company and have your concerns addressed. For starters, you may contact the company at any time of the day or night. This may be done through email. The staff is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. There are also a number of helpful resources on the site. This includes a helpful frequently asked question section and even a number of online tutorials. They are both remarkably thorough and helpful.