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Best Free WordPress Plugins To Create A Portfolio Website

Best Free WordPress Plugins To Create A Portfolio Website – If you do work online, you absolutely need a portfolio. But if you can’t display your work to potential clients, you’re missing out. Being able to present your projects in an appealing fashion is an invaluable tool, as it can tell the reader why you’re better than everyone else at what you do. You can either use a portfolio theme or get a portfolio plugin to create a portfolio website. However, if you don’t prefer any of the portfolio themes or simply want to use a different one, then a portfolio plugin is for you. The plugins listed below are the best free WordPress plugins to create a portfolio website. They’re packed with useful features and are simple to use.

Best Free WordPress Plugins to Create A Portfolio Website

Create A Portfolio Website – Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is one of the most flexible portfolio plugins on the list, and it’s the one I use. It provides seven unique views that showcase your portfolio as a responsive gallery. You can choose different kinds of views. All of the options display your work in a clean, unobtrusive fashion. The interface is intuitive and looks great with any WordPress theme. To add projects, you simply add a video slide or image and enter the details of the projects. All you have to do is paste a line of shortcode on the page of your choice, and voilà, you’ve got a shiny new portfolio.

Create A Portfolio Website – Nimble Portfolio

Nimble Portfolio offers a straightforward gallery for showcasing your projects. It’s a user-friendly, responsive design based around a grid of frames.You have a lot of room to play around with this plugin, since you can modify almost everything. You can choose thumbnail styles, categorize projects, and embed videos or PDF previews. Its flexibility is a strong plus that makes it ideal for just about everyone. Nimble Portfolio also offers several premium add-ons, including various skins and lightbox options. It’s one of the most full-featured free portfolio plugins available.

Create A Portfolio Website – Waving Portfolio

Waving Portfolio is another grid-based portfolio that uses shortcodes for customization. It’s simple to add projects, and viewers can filter from the front end using category buttons. The viewer can click on your project to see a pop-up with more detail. It’s a great option for creatives who want a no-fuss approach to their portfolio. You can choose from a light or dark skin and customize the sizes/dimensions of portfolio items. If you need a portfolio to use regularly that doesn’t require complicated maintenance, Waving Portfolio is a solid option.

Create A Portfolio Website – Filterable Portfolio

Awesome Filterable Portfolio gives you exactly that––a unique, filterable portfolio that shows off your work in style. This plugin comes with animations and image hover effects that add some verve to your portfolio. You can easily order portfolio categories and items and configure the animation properties. It’s an intuitive option for artists or photographers who want to display their images in a striking fashion.

Create A Portfolio Website – Aeolus Creative Portfolio

Aeolus is the perfect portfolio plugin for contemporary creatives who want an impressive pedestal for their work. You can display your work in parallax showcase or as thumbnails in a column showcase. It’s fully responsive and comes with unlimited colors so you can tweak it to your liking. Another big plus is the drag and drop interface of the admin panel, which makes customization a breeze. For a free plugin, Aeolus has some of the best features available. If you like the parallax showcase, this is the portfolio plugin for you.

Create A Portfolio Website – Behance Portfolio Manager

If you’re a Behance user, managing your portfolio just got a whole lot easier. This portfolio plugin helps you integrate Behance projects on your WordPress site and allows you to manage everything from the Behance interface. It’s a clean, minimalistic layout that’s grid-based but not clunky or unnatural. It’s responsive and swift, allowing viewers to easily navigate your portfolio. The plugin offers categorization, tab customization, custom styling, and more. It’s a wonderful plugin that’s a Behance user’s dream.

In a world where nearly every field is growing more competitive by the hour, an outstanding portfolio will make your work shine. By showcasing your work in an appealing, memorable fashion, potential employers and clients are more likely to be impressed and take note of you and your work. These WordPress portfolio plugins provide a simple way to organize your work, and you can customize all you want. Add them to the theme of your choice, and you’re good to go. But anyway always remember to use a WordPress hosting provider that meets your requirements, this also important to keep your portfolio site always up. HostForLIFE.eu is dedicated to provide WordPress hosting with the latest stable versions of PHP, Linux or IIS servers (you can choose between this two because HostForLIFE.eu provide a hosting based on this two choices) also MySQL to guarantee the 100% compatibility with WordPress.