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Best & Cheap Recommendation jCore Hosting

jCore is a Multi Site web Content Management System build especially for webmasters (using the well known LAMP environment) who have to maintain multiple websites for their clients and they would like to keep the source codes up to date and easily fix bugs for all clients at once.

jCore has two main systems, jCore Server – which holds all the libraries and modules you can build on, and jCore Client – which is the stripped version of the core system without any libraries as it uses the ones from the core.

Think of jCore server as the library for your site/program and jCore client as the website that you show to the public. In multi site setup you don’t even have to install jCore server, just copy the files in a public place where all your client sites can access it and that’s it, just like you would build a program by using a library. This way when you upgrade to a new version you just overwrite the old jCore server files with the new ones and all your client sites are already “upgraded”.


  • Best Jcore Hosting – Quick list of all changes
  • Fixed LC_MESSAGES undefined bug
  • Fixed fatal error on activating/deactivating users
  • Fixed fatal error on creating order in admin
  • Fixed ajax form to show content in the right target-ed area (for e.g. when selecting owner)\
  • Fixed ccBill responseDiggest calculation (for verifying a ccBill order)
  • Fixed ajax script parser to work with multiline script tags too
  • Made jCore to work on strict MySQL setup too
    Security fixes
  • Fixed pasword crypting to fall back to other crypters if generation failed
  • Fixed disabling css/js compression if zlib compression enabled by default for php
  • Fixed sitemap even if seo friendly links deactivated
  • Added possibility to importe youtu.be videos too
  • Fixed importing Vimeo videos
  • Optimized jCore jQuery plugin
  • Added possibility to recognize ajax requests without having to add ajax=1 to the urls
  • Fixed CSRF token to not expire randomly but at the defined time
  • Replaced ajax content links to use data-target attributes instead of target as this way it is possible to have links working without js
  • Fixed editing comment without js
  • Fixed cancelling editing comment
  • Add .first and .last to url::displayPath()
  • Fixed editing comments to work right after deleting a comment
  • Added option to define current date/time to TimeStamp fields in dynamic forms.

Best & Cheap Recommendation jCore Hosting

HostForLIFE.eu, ASPHostPortal.com and UKWindowsASP.NET are quality hosting providers that offer the best and recommended jCore Hosting services. While it may be true that many web hosting providers will be capable in hosting the jCore Hosting platform, however, there is a definitive difference between a web hosting company that only support jCore Hosting and one that will provide a superior service with no surprise malfunctions. The smartest option is to choose a hosting provider that has experience of hosting jCore Server . Here is a brief overview of our 3 highly best and recommended jCore Hosting Hosting providers that are proving popular with jCore Hosting users :


ASPHostPortal.com offers the foremost effective jCore Hosting Hosting  plans ever. In reality, they feature the absolute most reasonable jCore Hosting arrange at $5 per month. Now, this is often fully a cost to beat. This budget vary is really cheap so it garnered ASPHostPortal.com the most effective Budget jCore Hosting Provider title.

For starters, you need to be able to reach whoever with your questions, comments, and concerns, any time of the day or night. With a great number hosting providers keeping the same hours that your employers do, it can be difficult to work on your website or internet business unless you are already doing it full-time. Unfortunately, this is not possible for a great number Internet entrepreneurs starting out. ASPHostPortal.com and some of the other veteran companies out there post user service expert at your beckon call any time of the day or night. If you have any technical issues or questions with regard to the service, billing-virtually anything-then you can catch way outs through a ticketing system or email service.

But basic questions of functionality can often be taken care of through the use of an intuitive control panel like Plesk. Plesk web hosting allows you to make most of the key decisions with regard to how your site looks and operates. Since it is so easy to work with, a great number site owners and internet business expert can forgo the hiring of a technical wizard to make updates and upgrades to the site. This places more control and a better sense of understanding in one’s own hands and enables the creation of a website one can truly be proud of.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET is a hosting service that offers full functionality for your business or individual needs at reasonable prices. The hosting services on the internet representation comes in region-specific versions indicating its good standing amongst internet hosting customers.

ukwindowsasp.netUKWindowsHostASP.NET gives jCore Hosting plans; Starter, Economy, Developer, and Enterprise. Their plan starts from £3.00/month – £17.00/month with complete ASP.NET Core 1.0 RC2 Hostingfeatures, Money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, daily backup service, and powerful server technology.


UKWindowsHostASP.NET also claims to have 99.99% uptime. This is partly supported by the availability of UPS backup and partly through redundant servers. Extensive industry survey and analysis shows that the uptime is approximately 99%, which isnt poor for the cost. Just like all other hosting services, the firm has a reliable and efficient customer service, which is accessible via ticketing system and e-mail. The statistics corresponding to resolution of issues suggest that the customer service response time is comparatively high as compared to other competitors from the business.

HostForLIFE.eu With the amount of jCore Hosting firms around, choosing jCore Hosting services might be described as a little tough, most especially if you’re not a technical person and a beginner on the earth of online promoting. So as to settle on the best hosting company though, you would like to establish necessary factors to take under consideration in choosing an jCore Hosting.

Some of the basic needs of internet hosting include disk house, bandwidth, and domain name. However, different functions would possibly be required with respect to the wants of a specific web site. Generally, Most of all Companies need jCore Hosting in their hosting service, in a very method that jCore Hosting will be one of many vital requirements of Windows hosting.


While a ton of the Windows hosting corporations nowadays offer the essential needs within their services, they vary in arrange rates, performance, and add-on options. Undoubtedly even the smallest differences within the hosting rates matter most particularly if you’re on a good budget. Thus, although hosting options are greatly thought-about in choosing a website host, the affordability is equally thought-about further.

Certainly one of the foremost in style ASP.NET hosting companies giving most of the features that can be necessary for private and business websites is HostForLIFE.eu. HostForLIFE.eu is one of many biggest jCore Hosting hosts with a platform that serves a lot of than 2000 websites everywhere the globe. This undoubtedly shows they’re among in all probability the foremost trusted and the most most popular jCore Hosting firms today.