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ASP.NET Tutorial :: How To Run Common CheckBox Operations

In this post, we will explains how to run common operations (like check/uncheck checkboxes by value/text/index, min/max selection limit..etc) on ASP.NET CheckBoxList control using jQuery.

How To Run Common CheckBox Operations in ASP.NET

Step 1

Let’s have following aspx code:

Code on the server side:

Rendered HTML code:

Step 2

How to get value of selected items:

How To Run Common CheckBox Operations 1


How to get index of selected items:

It will display 0 based index of selected items. Suppose we select Item-1,Item-3,Item-4 then It’ll give output 0,2,3 in alert boxes.

How to get text of selection items:

As you’ve seen, Text is placed in label control(next of checkbox) in rendered HTML. So, $(this).next().html() is used to get text.

How to check/uncheck all checkboxes:

How to check items by index:

uppose you have to check items by the given index.

Similarly, you can uncheck items by setting “false” in prop.

How to check items by value:

In this Label text is compared and if text exists then corresponding checkbox is checked. The above code will select Item-1 and Item-3.

How to max selection limit:

The following code limits the number of checkboxes a user can select simultaneously:

How To Run Common CheckBox Operations 2

Similarly, you can implement Min Selection criteria.

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