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ASP.NET 4.6 Hosting Tutorial – How to Use Twitter Bootstrap to Create Responsive Menu in ASP.NET

How to Use Twitter Bootstrap to Create Responsive Menu in ASP.NET – In this tutorial, we will create collapsing responsive navigation bar using ASP.NET menu control and Twitter Bootstrap. Let’s start with the default view of ASP.NET Menu control as follows:


In the picture above, we will change the default of ASP.NET Menu into responsive using Twitter Bootstrap.

Step 1

We will update the default UI using bootstrap framework as in above image. To install Bootstrap, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package Twitter.Bootstrap

Step 2

Add bootstrap CSS files in the page:


Step 3

As example, we liked to fix top navigation bar, so we assign “navbar navbar-fixed-top” to menu control css class:

CssClass=”navbar navbar-fixed-top”

Step 4

For list, use nav class to list:

StaticMenuStyle-CssClass= “nav”

Step 5

For active item, use activeclass


Step 6

To display sub-menu as dynamic dropdown, we use dropdown-menu class:


Now we get the layout as in the top image and the code looks as follows:

Step 7

For background image and proper layout we put the menu in div (navbar > navbar-inner > container). To implement a collapsing responsive navbar, wrap your navbar content in a containing div, .nav-collapse.collapse, and add the navbar toggle button, .btn-navbar.

Step 8

ASP.NET Menu creates its own styles and classes which creates problem in Bootstrap working. So, we remove some styles using jQuery:

To add down arrow for sub-menu indication:

Step 9

There is no mouseover event for mobile and onclick of ASP.NET menu causes postback. To avoid postback and remove click handler:

Now on clicking parent menu item, sub menu will be displayed!

Here is the overall script structure:

And here is the ouput:


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